Kick Ass Alarm Clock

Problems installing?
  1. Install Adobe AIR
  2. Install Kick Ass Alarm Clock air file
  3. Enjoy!

Not so long ago my PC found it's way into my bedroom. In a effort to avoid having to plug-in yet another gadget, the alarm clock, I went on a hunt for a decent desktop alarm program. Easy right? Wrong! After hours of searching, reading and testing many different alarm clocks, I was not satisfied. All I found was a bunch to poorly designed ten year old programs that didn't even launch half the time. So I took it upon myself to create an alarm clock for the desktop. I wasn't ready to settle for something mediocore. I wanted it to KICK ASS! After days of hammering at the keyboard and hours of testing, my beauty was born.

She can:

  • Wake your ass up! - to your favorite MP3 (create lists, random playback)
  • Tell you the weather - current and forecast for the day
  • Let the world know just how lazy you are - by updating twitter
  • Rise and set the sun and moon - Cool!
  • Show you the phase of the moon
Sounds awesome, right?

Click install now.

Kick Ass Alarm Clock Day Screenshot Kick Ass Alarm Clock Night Screenshot

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