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Over the years I have helped hundreds of people with their online store. Sometimes just a quick email to fix their issue, sometimes involving large changes to their site. But one thing remains constant, I am always finding valuable information that can help your online store. Sometimes this information comes from tips from clients, other times it's a new module that has been released, sometimes it's just because of my experience in the industry. The best way to get access to this information is to subscribe to my newsletter (I promise I won't spam you, I hate spam too).


Below is a sample of some of the services I have provided to other clients, including a few testimonals. This is just a sample. Free free to contact me to see if I can help.

Services Offered

  • Custom module development or modification
  • Upgrading and troubleshooting
  • Template integration
  • Installation and setup
  • and much more...

Here is an example of some of the modules I have developed for clients:

  • Dependant Attributes
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Custom Reports
  • Various shipping and payment modules
  • Zencart to Quickbooks (using QB API)
  • ... and so much more

Some previous clients testimonials

Ryan was bloody amazing. I had contacted another person to work on my zencart store, they left it half done and charged me for every little thing. I spent weeks in tears trying to figure this out on my own, until I found Ryan. Ryan fixed everything I needed for a very reasonable price and did not charge me extra for the extra small things I kept finding. What I loved most was Ryan wasn't afraid to show me where to go to fix things myself afterwards in case they broke again. This is very important for a new store with a very small website budget. I will be contacting Ryan very soon to commission to help me upgrade my store and help me improve my site. Ryan was fast, courtious, and just plain bloody amazing. Highly recommend over and over.


My name is Rod and a business man in Texas. I was having my Zen Cart upgraded and moving from a Windows server to a Linux server. After 3 weeks of configuration issues I felt like a ping pong ball between my old developer and my hosting company with no end in sight.

When I found Ryan Cloke it was a game changer. Ryan knew just what to do and my site/Zen Cart was up and running in no time. Furthermore Ryan was proactive in making some suggestions to make my site better which I appreciated very much.

Ryan is the 1st real Zen Cart expert I have come across and I can highly recommend him.

Rod Smith
Wildlife Etc

I had several problems with my zen cart which I didn't know how to correct. I contacted Ryan and asked if he could help me. Ryan was so very helpful! He responded to me within 24 hours and resolved each issue right away! I highly recommend Ryan and I feel very grateful I found him. I feel most appreciative!

Janet Rodriguez

Our appreciation for your accountability, originality and Grade-A expertise. We approached you with a different and complicated Zen Cart problem, and you handled our needs with flying colors. Just the management interface you installed for us will more than pay for the project over time saved and hassles avoided. Cannot recommend your services enough.

Wes and Linda Wada

We purchased Zen Bundles as a last minute effort to get a magazine subscription service up and running before the 1st of September and it worked! We had a small problem and Ryan had it fixed within 45 minutes or our emailing him! Awesome job and awesome product! Just what we needed! Thanks for the immediate response and the great tech support!

Wendy Greiner
Q Computers Mankato

Ryan is THE Zen Cart programmer!

My Zen Cart project was 95% finished when I finally came to a complicated block in the road. I decided to get a PHP pro to modify some of the built in modules and add ons... And what a pro I got!

I've made a living working with various ecom stores for about six years and have had so called 'programmers' work for me in the past. Its not always easy to get someone that's good. Ryan was the real deal; a multi-talented, properly educated php programmer, systems expert and all-in Zen Cart guru who was more than capable in handling each of my varied requests.

...if you think it can't be done, you may be pleasantly surprised by around this time tomorrow ;-)

Highest recommendations and thanks again!

Kevan M.
Electronics For Less Canada

Switching from OsCommerce, after installing and setting up our new Zen Cart Shopping Cart, I was searching online for a Zen Cart module developer for some "fix-its" that were just beyond me. Luckily, just happened to find Ryan's website. I then did some more searching and couldn't find anything bad about him.

So, I contacted him in hopes that he could get the old Zen Cart contribution for the ECHO credit card module up to snuff with the new Intuit-ECHO merchant account API requirements and also those of Zen Cart 1.3.9. I'm happy to say, after Ryan's handiwork, my customers credit card transactions are now running smoothly. Ryan also did a little customization of our Zen Cart USPS shipping module for us, which also made us and our type of customers much happier.

Well, I simply don't have anything bad to say about Ryan. He modified the desired modules and worked any "bugs" out to our satisfaction. And he even did a last minute "fix-it" for us, minutes before going on his vacation. I would not hesitate to ask him for help again for future needed Zen Cart updates or modifications.


Wow, you are good! Your expertise in customizing Zen Cart has taken this ecommerce website to a whole new level. Thank you.

Jackie, JT Website Design

Ryan totally saved me! I am totally clueless when it comes to Zen Cart and I'm lucky to have found someone of his expertise. His response times and problem solving skills are beyond compare. Totally professional and extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely be using his services again for all my Zen Cart needs.

Steve C. in NY

I am very happy that you solved my problem, you are a real pro!


... as someone with considerable experience of working remotely with freelancers, I can honestly say that my interaction with Ryan / Flipside has been the most stress free and dare I say - enjoyable to date.

Swift and concise communication in any remote interaction is of paramount importance to me, both in establishing a bond and creating confidence between two parties. More often, no sooner had I contacted Ryan would he return with a response that was more than satisfactory throughout.

Ryan seemed to have an intuitive understanding of what I required from the project. He delivered the job ahead of it's deadline which was refreshing considering he had promised a super quick turn around to begin with.

Ryan also stated that he would guarantee the finished product against bugs and errors. Needless to say - there weren't any and all was exactly as requested.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Flipside or Ryan to anyone in the future and I will certainly be using them again.

Austin - Manchester UK

Ryan created and implemented a module for our company that we thought was impossible to do with the e-commerce program we were using. We had spoken to many other freelancers and all of them had either told us that what we were wanting was not possible or that it would cost us an arm and a leg to build. We then found Ryan who was a pleasure to work with! His understanding of the development of Zen-Cart and how the implementation of a module should be incorporated is fantastic. He not only did a fabulous job, but he did it in an 1/8 of the amount of time that we were quoted from other freelancers and for a very affordable price. Our company will be utilizing Ryans services again in the future and highly recommend his service to anyone who is in need of Zen-Cart modifications or any php/mysql code implementations.

Dasha Titlebaum
Web Administrator
Planet 3 Press

Ryan was a "dream come true". He has an expert understanding of Zen Cart. He understood the requirements of the modification I needed, and created a moderately complex modification in a very short time. His delivery met Zen-Cart standards, was error-free, and the one condition that I had not tested, he resolved resourcefully and quickly. His communications with me were clear, friendly, helpful, and timely. I would not hesitate to hire him again.

Core Knowledge Foundation

Hey Ryan,

I just wanted to thank you again for the speedy and accurate help with my Zen Cart - FedEx module troubles. Your expertise really impressed me being that I spent the better part of 2 days trying to figure out what to do and you solved the problem within, what felt like, a few minutes. I am new to Zen Cart and am looking forward to working with you again on future issues. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that may need your skills.

Robert in PA

Zen Cart has been a challenge for me. That is where Ryan has been my savior. I know what I want Zen Cart to look like and how to function but Ryan knows how to bring it to life. Every request, as simple as a coloured border around my products to as trivial as fixing other people's mods (and everything in between) have worked out perfect. I have also used Ryan to write custom mods which have all turned out exactly as I required. The biggest and most important challenge we faced was getting my payment module corrected so I could accept credit cards. Everything was completed in a most timely manner and treated with the utmost security and courtesy. Ryan is by far the best Zen Cart & PHP expert I have worked with.